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Handheld mini air conditioner, Mini USB/Battery air cooler


Type:Air Cooling Fan

Power Source:Battery

Color:Blue, black,pink




•Mini air conditioner / small portable fan that can cool air up to 30F. The only mini fan in the world that is hand held!

•Can also be used a desk fan. Provides gentle cool breeze. Uses evaporative cooling technology. Add water to soak the cooling filter.

•Ambient air is forced through the wet cooling filter and cools down. Works best in dry and hot climates.

•Fully portable and mobile, take it literally anywhere you want.

•Rotatable turbine wheel allows adjustment of the cool breeze of air. Humidifies air - makes breathing comfortable and alleviates allergies.

•Variable power control. Environmentally friendly. 4xAA batteries allow 5 hours portable operation. Connect to USB (cable included), or home socket power (sold separately) for continuous operation. Includes USB cable and 1x cooling filter.

•Stands by itself on any flat surface. Comfortable adjustable leather strap. Ergonomically designed, Eco-friendly, and easy to use.

•Best for hot flashes, home and office use, camping, outdoor sports, watching the game, and more.

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