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Boston Fans: Sports? Most Spoiled Fans by Ken Joseney

Posted on June 20, 2010 at 7:24 PM


In Boston, we were already friendlier to Mother Nature even before Al Gore decided to bring awareness about the state of the Earth. Why? We’ve been wearing green since Vince Villanueva decided to form the Boston Celtics. We have lost sleep watching them play. We celebrate with them in the 60’s, the Bird years. We even enjoyed shouting BEAT L.A. anytime we play against the purple team from the West Coast.

We were excited to support them through the 2010 Playoffs for a few reasons: (1) We are Boston Celtics fan, (2) no one thought they could make it past the Eastern Conference Semifinals; (3) We enjoy watching the evolution of No. 9 with the BIG THREE; (4) we do not recognize any other teams unless they are playing against this purple team from the West Coast.

This year’s Celtics Playoffs was a great time for the whole family to watch a team competes not only against the other team, but also the referees. Similar to the players, the referees are paid to call the game right down the middle as they were taught in referee school (unless they were pulling a Tim Donaghy on us.) The refereeing was so bad that a few hours before the Celtics’ Game 6 vs Orlando, someone flat out advised the Magic players to start packing their gold bags.

Onto the Finals where the basketball association is supposed to be displaying their best: Best Teams; Best Players; and Best Referees. Unfortunately, they fail to provide on the latter. Clearly swayed by the home fans, most of the times the referees failed to let the players do their job. When you are playing an away game against two of the best floppers in the game (D. Fisher and R. Artest), you know that you are in trouble. During their last two games, that was the Celtics’ exact position. They were forced to defend the purple team while avoiding to brush against either one of the players from the opposing in order not to be called for a foul (or even being in the receiving end of a Technical foul).

At the end of season, the Celtics did what they were supposed to do: play basketball. Although they fail to light a cigar, they continue to give us reason to keep rooting for them. They show heart with the way they play. For a team that was supposed to lose in the semifinals, they did really well in our eyes.

As much as losing in the Finals hurt, it will not be long until we start celebrating again. This time for another local team, playing another sports. I am speaking about our own Boston Red Sox. They did not start the season well, but the Celtics’ success help buying them time. Now that the Celtics’ season is over, they recognize that the spotlight is on them. They will not fail us. They never did. This is why we, Boston Fans, are sports most spoiled fans. We got great teams, even though they don’t win championships every year, they always play with heart.

Until next time, have a great summer.

Ken Joseney

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1 Comment

Reply Gaby
9:05 PM on June 20, 2010 
Totally agree. Something went really wrong in the referee department this year. I like to think that I'm a straight talking honest person and I will tip my hat to whichever team is superior but game 7 was ooohh so wrong. The one sided calls were ridiculous. I think they need to do a review of the referees and fire a load of them. I just couldn't bother watching anymore because the "west coast" team was so good at setting fouls up. It took all the pleasure out of the game. The Celts lost and normally I would be bad mouthing but honestly they played a nice clean talented game while the other team just played the system. They need to start giving fouls for faking fouls in the NBA. Didn't they do that in soccer at some point? That's really what we need.

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