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Posted on March 22, 2010 at 4:16 PM

Every year an approaching spring forces hibernating couples out searching for ways to escape cabin fever while crowds of singles flock bars and nightclubs in search of spring fever. Whether in a relationship or just starting out there are certain gestures coming from that certain someone, that remind us of what falling in love and staying there is all about. With so many different perspectives over what is actually romantic, how do we decipher between romantic gestures and major turn offs? When it comes to romance, what are the guidelines?


I thought I had escaped the pressures of spring fever this year until a predicted one night stand turned into a perfect two day date. Six weeks and several dates later, I began to think “Bad Luck Bobby” had finally dodge the bullet when it came to bad love. Then just like that, excitement and spontaneity had faded just as quickly as Lindsay Lohan’s career and ironically enough late nights, hotel rooms and booze also played a major role. Even so, after being informed that his extended vacation had come to an end and he needed to flee the states a long flight away, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Accepting our fate, I moved on quicker than he came (and left of course), and with the blink of eye I had my eye on a new prospect.


Across town talk of moving forward by moving in had Mason eyeing a way out. Mason and Maddy had been serious for a while and Maddy was seriously harping on moving in. Unfortunately Mason’s fear of commitment and lack of affection had resulted in an unwillingness to discuss their future together and at the same time driving them apart. Their romance was dying and Mason figured the only way to save their relationship was to provide evidence that the two had some sort of future without actually going anywhere. So one night Mason invited Maddy over for dinner and just when things were beginning to feel tense, Mason pointed towards the bedroom. Appalled that sex was being used as a scapegoat, Maddy quickly became erratic, until a quick glance at the bedroom changed everything. There in the corner, was a brand new, mahogany bureau, garnished with Maddy’s favorite flowers, tea lights and a framed picture of the two of them. Although he wasn’t quite ready for a relationship roommate, Mason used romance to fix his relationship by showing someday he would be.


The next night I invited some friends to witness some controlled dramatics for once. I had accepted a lead role in the musical RENT, which fortunately led to a few dates with my eyeing prospect. Following my performance, I marched out to greet my guests and accept their praises for a job well done, when all of a sudden to my surprise, I was greeted by a surprised guest. My faded fling, who disappeared a month ago, had returned and this time for good. His romantic side had persuaded to him to hunt me down and show up unannounced. Unfortunately all it did was freak me out. No calls or contact of any sort for over a month had me completely over whatever it was we had. I had moved on, so I uncomfortable explained this while my newest prospect greeted friends behind us. That night, while out for drinks with a new prospect and cast of RENT, I bought into the idea that my situation could have been extremely romantic had it been coming from the right person. When it comes to romance sometimes, the smallest things sweep us off our feet while the most extravagant ones send us running away because in reality it’s not so much the gesture, but rather the person it coming from.


By Bobby Carr

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