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Playing games; is it worth it? by Bobby Carr

Posted on February 2, 2010 at 1:13 PM

Typically in the dating world, tricks and traps help us realize that finding love may be the end result in a game of overly dramatic experiences. But does it really have to be that complicated? When it comes to finding love and companionship, are the games really all that necessary?

As the New Year approached, I spent some time pondering over the different vices I would attempt to give up. I had quit smoking, my debt had lessened and I had rebuilt some burned bridges broken down by prior ignorance, but something wasn’t quite right. For someone with a natural competitive nature, I was losing terribly at the game of love. Luckily, my current character building was stellar and my exuding confidence and ability to attract and conquer had me hitting free parking almost every time I went around the block. Then one night, I came across a very attractive unexpected player. Before I knew it, I had made a pass, given the go ahead and collect 10 digits. infatuated and intrigued, I was unaware of the many obstacles that lay ahead.

That same night, my good friend was involved in some unwanted games himself. Kyle and Mason had been coworkers for two years and dating for one. They were the perfect team aside from Mason’s inability to open up about their relationship. One on one he was sensitive and caring, but out in the open he nothing of the sort. Then one night, while the two were heading to a business dinner with some coworkers, Kyle was pushed to the limit, literally. Two blocks away from their destination, Kyle was entertaining the group with flamboyant impersonations, when a homeless man turned the corner, out of nowhere shoved him to the ground and continued walking. Shocked and embarrassed, his only comfort was that Mason would be his rescue, but it didn’t happen. Instead he picked himself up while Mason watched with concern in the background.

Two hours into the dinner, the two had barely spoken and Mason overheard the company secretary attempting to set Kyle up on a date. Fed up with his own games and insensitivity, Mason marched over, put his arm around Kyle and blurted out their relationship status. Unfortunately, at that same moment the place went silent for a holiday toast. Needless to say, the toast began with a sarcastic congratulations to the couple and ended with a slightly embarrassed pair with a newly mended relationship.

Over a week later and my unexpected player and I had made little progress. Playing games back and forth through witty text messages and purposefully missed calls, we had created a potential loss on both our parts. When I finally came to my senses and set up date, I was stricken with a head cold. When he finally came to his and rescheduled, he struck his head in a car accident and ended up in the emergency room. Then, finally as sickness and bruises faded a decision to make a move had us on a more than perfect date. Things couldn’t have been going more smoothly until my unexpected player made an unexpected announcement. Talk of returning to Europe for the next six months, had me wondering what all of the effort was for. Then it hit me; no games. We hit it off, we were on a date, and had no expectations for the future, just a see what happens attitude. In the end foolish games had almost cost me a truly fabulous dating experience. On the way home I realized; when it comes to dating and relationships playing games can only create poorly built characters lacking the understanding and truth behind the possession of true companionship.

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