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The Second Chance by Bobby Carr

Posted on February 2, 2010 at 1:09 PM

After writing the final chapter to an existing relationship we tend to cut all ties and go our separate ways. As time heals we move on and slight regret turns to complete forget. Then every often an unexpected encounter leaves us reconnected with our past, and our finished story begins to take on an alternate ending. With this thought in mind, I began to question the “second chance”. When it comes to closed relationships that have been reopened, do results lean more towards a happy ending or a tragic reminder of why the relationship ended in the first place?

It had been six years since our initial introduction to one another and my relationship with the successful banker from Boston had gone from acquaintance, to seducer, to just friends. Introduced through a good friend, our story began with excitingly scandalous dramatics and ended with an unwillingness to change in our previously set stances. Our incompatibility when it came to certain positions, politically and otherwise, had the production of our passionate novel come to an immediate close. Debating whether I should taken one for the team and compromise by not, I stuck to my decision to move on and settle for a friendship. Then six years later, standing in front of me at the ATM in one of my favorite Boston bars, was the banker from Boston. We had both ventured to the same place to meet up with the same people and before I knew it mixed drinks and loud music had us reminiscing and second guessing our prior unwillingness to alter who we were to get something we both wanted.

Cities and towns away, my friend Myra was creating a second chance story of her own. Her first major crush, Buddy Stevens, was a handsome redhead who had always been there for her. Unfortunately, his rescue usually occurred with another woman in the background. When she finally got up the nerve to tell her prince how she felt, he refused to listen. Buddy, who was attending the University of California, was neglecting to return Myra’s many calls. She accepted her tragedy and moved on. Then many years later, while Myra leaned over the bar to order a Budlite, Buddy lightly pressed down on her shoulders to intercept and buy her a beer. He had returned from CA, not on a white horse, but in a blue Bronco with a relationship that was in shambles. His flirty antics of hand fed cherries and numerous comments of disappointment that they never got together, suggested Myra’s fantasies were about to come true. Buddy’s talk of soul mates and his current failed relationship had Myra kissing him good night and then good morning. Unfortunately, two nights later at the same bar, Myra witnessed Buddy feeding the same moves (a cherry and a mention of soul mates) to a busty blonde. Coming to the realization that her prince charming was actually prince cheating in his rocky relationship, she walked over and behind, slightly pushed down on his shoulders and ordered him a redheaded slut.

So later that night, in a fading crowd at a fabulous bar, I found myself once again engaged in flirtatious conversation with a person that had already romantically faded out of my life. Still somewhat apprehensive I began to ask myself; if we were not compatible before, why would we be now? Shoving preconceived notions aside I decided to give into temptation and give it a second chance. I figured, when it came to relationships there would always be times in which we felt something may not work out even if we already tried it once before. With that said, when it comes to writing the plot to our own personal story, it is extremely important to take chances, otherwise we end up with a very boring “what if” ending.

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