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Merry Elfing Holiday Party 2011

Posted on January 16, 2012 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (5)

Last Saturday, Joanne Giannini along with MSM hosted the 4th Annual Merry Elfing Holiday Party. Clash Of The Ash, located in Quincy, was very generous.  They donated space and provided food for the event.

We raised $650.00 for the American Cancer Society and had a great time doing it.  The venue was at capacity by the end of the night.

As we do yearly, we had a raffle and awarded prizes.  Winners of gift certificates to Bistro Chi for being the "Most Helpful Elf" and "Most Festive Elf" were Chris Burr and Tom Aho. The owner of Clash of the Ash won a gift certificate to Taste of India for being the "Most Generous Elf." And Robyn Ward won the raffle grand prize of a board game gift pack and two free hours of personal training services from Body Solutions in Norwood, Mass.

Thanks for attending. We will see you again on December 2012 for the 5th Annual Merry Elfing Holiday Party.  View the photos here.

4th Annual Merry Elfing Holiday Party

Posted on December 15, 2011 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (0)

It's time once again for our Annual Merry Elfing Holiday Party!

Hang out with all your friends (and maybe even make a few new ones), eat free food, and help fight cancer all at the same time!

Plenty of prizes for best elf attire, most helpful elf, etc...

Everyone who makes a charitable donation will be entered into a raffle for a special prize!

Dress: Elf and/or Festive Holiday Attire Optional (yeah, we know it's after the holidays this year, but we are going to keep that holiday spirit going just a little longer)

Bring: You and all your friends (and their friends too)! Just make sure we know they are coming so we can tell the Clash so they have enough food for everyone.

Charity: This year's charity is The American Cancer Society. Each and everyone of us has or will be touched by this horrible disease at some point in our lives, either by contracting the disease ourselves (a male's risk of contracting cancer during his lifetime is currently 50% and a female's risk is 33%) or having a close friend or family member with the disease.

Date: Saturday, January 7, 2012

Time: 7:00pm until 1:00am

A voluntary donation of $10.00/person is suggested, but please feel free to give whatever you feel is appropriate. If you would prefer to donate online rather than at the door so you can use a credit card, please just do it directly through the American Cancer Society's website ( and bring a copy of your charitable giving receipt to be entered into our grand prize raffle.


View pictures from past Merry Elfing Holiday parties here.

Questions: Contact Joanne Giannini at 339-206-5184 (cell) / [email protected] (email) OR Marie Stuart-Noel [email protected] (email)

Modern Courtship by Meg Stivison

Posted on June 26, 2011 at 3:08 PM Comments comments (0)

My escapist drug of choice is thick Tudor histories. I can’t stop reading stories of heavy eye contact, careful wordplay, formal flirtation, the slow build of mannered requests. Sure, there are battles and backstabbing in my books too, but it’s really all about the courtly flirtations, isn’t it?

The draw of courtship in our world of post-bar hookups isn’t so hard to explain. When decoding what a potential paramour meant by “later” or “hanging out,” it’s hard not to long for the formality and clarity of old-fashioned romance.

Modern courtship doesn’t require the complicated vocabulary of flirtation in a historical novel. A Victorian suitor might need to send flowers to impress the object of his affections before asking her for her company. He’d need to decide on the type and color of flowers carefully, making sure the bouquet expressed just the right affection, without rousing the suspicions of chaperons or servants. But a texted note from a modern suitor serves the same purpose.

Being asked for your company presents the expectation that your time is valuable. Whether it’s a demanding career, your social calendar, or even another guy, this suitor assumes that you have other ways to spend your time. This type of request says he values your time, and being asked for a specific set of plans means he’s put some thought into your time together. Fortunately for modern courtship, though, we can do more that yea or nay an activity.

Although I adore the mannered requests of old-fashioned courtship, I reject the gender roles from my beloved Tudor romances. Modern courtship isn’t about the man paying for dinner. I don’t need to be courted because I can’t open my own door, pull out my own chair, or -- even more amazing -- carry my own umbrella. I can. I could even court him.

What if we could take the slow build of mannered requests, and scrap the outdated male dominance, to create modern courtship?

Modern courtship isn’t The Rules. It’s not about withholding until a predetermined calendar date or until a certain number of hours together has passed. Gentlemanly behavior, I’d think, would lead to, ahem, more romantic favors than otherwise. And in bed? A lady wouldn’t tell, but the mindset of requests instead of assumption works here too.

Courting is also an antidote to the potential dullness of a long-term relationship. After being together a certain number of months or years, it’s hard not to assume that the other half of the relationship wants the routine dinner and a movie, or your Thursday night TV lineup, or -- worse yet -- going through a few rounds of I-don’t-mind-what-do-you-want-to-do before finding yourself doing the same things.

The basis of courtship, modern or traditional, is simply good manners and respect for your date. There’s no reason this has to be stodgy and outdated. Sure, standing when a lady enters the room and other former etiquette hallmarks have fallen away, but true good manners never go out of style.

It never ends By Ken Joseney

Posted on June 16, 2011 at 2:37 PM Comments comments (0)

Picture courtesy of WCVB Channel 5 Boston

February 2002. October 2004. June 2008. And now June 2011. The trend continues. A few months ago, I wrote about Boston’ sports fan being the most spoiled of them all. One team wins and gains national exposure as much as the NFL owners locking out their players. In the meantime, the others are rebuilding faster than you can spell “#winning.”

When fall 2010 arrived, a lot of us thought that the Celtics would be the one bringing joy to the city when June comes. They fought hard on those old legs, but another team had formed a conglomerate of crybabies with the sole purpose of defeating our beloved Celtics. Trading away key players’ expiring contracts may have proved to cost the Celtics more than Antoine Walker thought he had in his bank account. They succumbed to the crybabies of South Beach, and lost in the second round of the playoffs. TD Garden had other plans.

Behind the goaltending of Tim Thomas, and consistent determination from the rest of the team not let him down, the Boston Bruins forced game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals. As the game came to an end, there were all the Bruins players coming to embrace Tim Thomas. The Boston Bruins have done it. They stopped a 39 years drought to win their sixth cup in team history. Most of all, they let the trend of spoiling us, Boston sports’ fans, and that is why “It never ends.”

Until another time, GO RED SOX.

MSM is now exclusively online

Posted on June 9, 2011 at 3:38 PM Comments comments (0)


Starting in summer 2011, the Massachusetts' Singles Magazine will no longer be publishing print copies of the magazine.  Our quarterly issues will be accessible to members of the website online only.  The magazine will remain unchanged with our regular features; Dating after 40, Lipstick Corner, Boston Sports Nut and many more.  We thank all our members and email subscribers for their ongoing support.

Winner of the Latisse Giveaway

Posted on May 16, 2011 at 12:59 PM Comments comments (0)

At the Ladies Luxury Excape on May 7, 2011, we raffled off a professional Latisse sample.  The winner is Brittany Santosa.  Thanks to all the ladies who participated.  Stay tuned for other contests.

If own a business or product, consider sponsoring our next giveaway.  Email [email protected] for more information.


MSM store

Posted on May 12, 2011 at 7:17 PM Comments comments (0)

The Massachusetts' Singles Magazine is launching an online store at the end of June 2011.  We've listed examples of merchandise we will be carrying in the store here.  You may order from the current online catalogue until our launch.

The keychain breathalyzer comes in handy after a night of partying.  Buy it here.

Top 5 Online Dating Safety Tips by Marie Stuart Noel

Posted on April 22, 2011 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (1)

A California woman who was assaulted by a man she met on has brought a lawsuit against the Internet dating giant.

I have been teaching a safe dating seminar for quite sometime now.  I would like to share 5 tips on how to stay safe when meeting someone online, offline.


Top 5 Online Dating Safety Tips

  1. Never share your home or office address with someone you're meeting online for the first time.  There used to be a time when your date would come to your house to pick you up. With Internet dating, I strongly advise against it.
  2. Always have your own transportation (Car, bus, train, a ride from a friend).  Never get in the car of someone you've just met, no matter how charming they are.
  3. Always meet in a public, well-lit area like a restaurant.  Meeting in a crowded, dim-lit nightclub, bar or movie theater is not recommended.
  4. After you meet your date, excuse yourself to the restroom.  Call a family member or friend, give them some basic information about your date and your location.
  5. After the date, make sure your date does not follow you home.  To avoid being followed home, take a different route to go home. If you're walking home, make sure you walk in well-lit areas or ask a trusted friend to escort you home

Social media and the long-distance relationship by Meg Stivison

Posted on April 10, 2011 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I love the cyberpunk connectivity that social networks and ubiquitous smartphones have brought us. I'm excited by new technology creating new social patterns, by the endless, everywhere conversation of texting and the instant connection when photos of distant friends appear in my hands. Every day it's easier to connect based on interest and affection, and not only geography.

I love it, of course I do, but somehow the side of me that's taught English still cringes at some of what passes for communication.

Do you know what I mean? I hate a perfectly good verb like fail turned into a noun, and then overused. I hate an emoticon used as a crutch to make one's meaning clear, instead of choosing vocabulary more carefully.  I've devoted more class time than I'd like to admit to explaining that texting acronyms don't belong in an essay. I empathize with my students' insistence that everyone writes like this, but I still suggest that they look for a synonym for she was :(, and remind them that 2 is neither to nor too.

I'm not sure whether to laugh at the hilarious back-formation or cry at the perversion of my beloved English language when my students hug and tell each other "I less than three you!"

But then... I met somebody. This is hard to convey by text and tweet, but picture me, saying, with heavy emphasis, that I'd met someone. And, after enumerating his amazing qualities, probably ad nauseum, I'd get around to telling you that this particular somebody has the misfortune of living in a different time zone.

He's a great guy, and he meets the requirements for a long distance boyfriend, which is to say he texts affectionately and knows the difference between your and you're. And he passes the test for digital age honesty, the photos and comments on his Facebook wall always match what he tells me.

A few weeks into this long-distance flirtation, and now I understand the appeal. An XOXO, formerly the province of childhood birthday cards, makes a forwarded link or a catch-you-later email suddenly affectionate. This would always be sweet, but becomes essential with miles in the middle.

As more of my time is spend exchanging texts and annotated links, I'm even reconsidering the juvenile silliness of ASCII icons, considering complicated character flowers and expressions less substitution for textual communication, and more embellishment of his words. This is the digital equivalent of a margin doodle, a perfect example of distant affection.

I don't think I'll be OMG-ing any time soon, or cn u l8tr, but I'm revising my stance on smileys and XOXO.

I'm just not sure if I less-than-three him yet. 

Single while raising teens by April Rose

Posted on April 10, 2011 at 1:02 PM Comments comments (0)


Raising teens alone in today’s age isn’t easy. It truly takes a village to raise a child. What do you do when the absent parent now wants to partially step in and parent the child from a distance? Better yet, how about when the absent parent is an angry unforgiving mom. It’s important for the parents to maintain reasonable communication. How could anyone expect a child to talk and express themselves when the parents aren’t at least cordial with one another?

There’s a 16 year-old girl that’s dealing with her absent dad. There’s a 15 year-old being raised by another family member., but yearns for her mother’s love and attention and ultimately a reunion back home. With the 16 year-old, her dad was taken away and deported when she was 2 years old. She’s only had a face to face with him twice since his departure. Now that she is older, he wants her to come live with him. Also to understand why he has a new family and she’s not his priority like he used to tell her. His only means of communication is on the Internet (Facebook) and maybe the phone from time to time. When asked why he doesn’t come back to the states, for she needs him and desires to have this great dad, she was told he made a life there and is happy and peaceful. Now she has to deal with the thought of him wanting to separate her from the rest of her family so she could be with him in his chosen element.

The 15 year-old had the chance to grow up part time with her mom, but for some reasons or another she was sent to this relative or that one until she was finally sent away for good. Although she knew of the problems in the home, she never stopped loving and wanting to return home with her nuclear family.

The holidays brings about an array of emotions for all, and to these young teens its that much more stressful to handle when they are torn up inside about parents not involved in their lives.

How are these young people supposed to understand such trials and expectations set before them? Through no fault of their own, are forced to deal with the thought of being separated and isolated from their familiar. At this time of the year how could one be so selfish and ask a confused and angry teen to make decisions when so many of their own questions have gone unanswered.

I’ve learned that although these kids ultimately have to listen and do what they are told, it makes for easier living when you listen to what they have to say or feel. Kids are people too and deserve respect as much as the next person. If taught communication, respect, love, discipline with understanding early in age, then it shouldn’t be too hard to understand them as they get older. Teens are a bundle of hormones, curiosities and uncertainties; it is only expected to have to have major patience if we are to put out a new breed of adults.

Age is just a number... By Joanne Giannini

Posted on March 15, 2011 at 12:39 PM Comments comments (1)

 Let’s set the stage for my “Cougar” transformation. There I was, 40 years old and my husband of 10 years had just cheated on me with a woman he met while we were on vacation together. We were on a cruise ship with a bunch of our friends and I had gone back to the cabin to sleep. He stayed out with everyone else and ended up meeting a tranny-looking she beast at the disco on the ship. First, put yourself in my place and imagine how you would feel: betrayed, unattractive, old, and every other negative feeling all rolled into one. So a few months after we are living apart, I take a much needed vacation to Cancun with my friend Robyn.

I was sitting there all depressed and feeling shitty about myself, getting totally liquored up at the beach bar on the free booze at our all-inclusive resort. To make matters worse, it is actually my wedding anniversary on this particular day. Next thing I know, a 26-year-old cutie from Louisiana named “Boo” (yes, Boo is really his name) is chatting me up. “Wow,” I think, “this guy is actually interested in ME.” Let’s fast forward to later that night, at which point we are doing the drunken bumper walk back to the room, systematically bouncing off one wall right into the other wall and back again. We get back to my room and I say to him, “You know, I’m much older than you,” to which he replies, “Age is just a number…” Now I know what you are all thinking and quite frankly that’s what I was thinking too, and really all I was looking for was a revenge of sorts against my cheating dickhead husband. But seriously, that ended up not being the case at all. A couple of hours later, he’s calling me, asking me if we want to go hang out with him and his friends and then the following day he wants to do something again. This guy basically tried his best for the whole vacation to make me happy in every way possible and even called me after we returned and asked me to come visit him. And for the first time in YEARS I felt, well, attractive. And young. And wanted. And happy. This was truly the turning point for me. Still, I though this younger guy thing was just a vacation type of thing.

About a year after my Cancun “Boo Boo,” I was at a local bar and there was this HOT guy who was obviously much too young for me standing near us. My friend misjudged her alcohol intake and was unable to drive home. We were trying to figure out how we could get her home and then get her back to her car in the early morning so she could get to work, since no one else in the group could drive a manual transmission, when Buddy (yep, that’s his name) heard our conversation and quickly took it as an opportunity to talk to me. He said he would be happy to drive her car and then I could drive him back here. She only lived about 10 minutes away, mind you. So, we drop off my friend and her car and I drive him back to the bar. He tells me, “I live in the building right behind the bar. Why don’t you come in for a few minutes and have a beer?” And that was the beginning of the Summer of Buddy! Now I tried to not get involved, but the thing was he was so damn adorable and good to me. This wasn’t just the quick fling I was expecting. Other than the fact he was 13 years younger, he was actually a great boyfriend. OK, maybe we weren’t having dinners at the Capital Grille, but I really enjoyed laying in bed watching horror films with him. Alas, I was certain he would wake up one day and regret being with someone so much older, so I broke it off. He insisted this was not going to be the case, telling me that he loved me and wasn’t going anywhere. Unfortunately, this was not a chance I was willing to take.

Next up is Jason, who is again 13 years younger. Just like with Buddy, I had never intended to get very involved and again, he ended up being really special. As an example, one night we went out and the combination of much alcohol and greasy late-night food did not agree with me whatsoever and I ended up puking the entire night. The next day I’m laying there a total train wreck. I tell him, “Don’t even look at me” and he reaches over, hugs me, kisses me on the forehead and tells me, “You are always beautiful to me.” Then he went out and got me Gatorade so I wouldn’t die of post-puke dehydration. As strange as it may seem, this guy was the real deal and truly understood how to make a woman feel special. Let me clue all you guys in: it’s not fancy dinners or expensive gifts, it’s your continual ACTIONS – the quick text message to say hi at lunchtime, the kiss on the forehead in the middle of the night, remembering how she likes her tea, etc. – that really wins a woman’s heart. I was certain he would wake up one day and regret being with someone so much older, so I broke it off. He too insisted this was not going to be the case, telling me that he loved me. And yet once again, this was not a chance I was willing to take.

I fully expected that when I returned back to the reality of middle-aged divorcee life I would only date guys maybe a few years younger and older than me, but basically the same age. But all the guys I’ve dated around my own age have been rather, shall we say, disappointing, and every young guy I have tried to fend off has insisted that “age is just a number” and been willing to dive into a relationship head first with no reservations. Strangely enough, I’ve had more problems truly connecting with guys around my own age than guys a decade (or more) younger.

Now again, it’s not that this was my plan. If fact, I’ve tried in every way possible NOT to date guys who are too young, assuming there could never be a long-term future. I have often wondered if the reason I can connect with younger guys so much better is exactly that: I have absolutely no vision of a long-term future with them, and hence I’m not afraid to actually be myself, with all my flaws and imperfections. It is like the unsuitable suitors get the “full-fat and flavor version” of me, rather than the “low-fat and less-filling version” the more suitable suitors get. I have also wondered if the younger generation of men is just, well, different, brought up in an era where it is acceptable for men to be more loving and giving in general.

So is age just a number? And is it really possible to have a true relationship with someone a decade (or more) younger? Log onto and let us know what you think. MEOW!

Boston's Most Eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette 2011

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Thirty-seven women and sixteen men entered the most eligible bachelor and bachelorette contest. Eight finalists, four men and four women, competed to win the title of the most eligible bachelor or bachelorette of Boston last night at Sanctuary.


Guests nibbled on spring rolls and other appetizers while mingling with the finalists. They enjoyed signature cocktails and complimentary Belvedere Intense by Belvedere Vodka.


Each finalist met one-on-one with the judges. The judges were; Chris Sinclair of Anthem Groups, Christian Galvin of, and Adaora Asala of Queer Women of Color. Finalists were judged on attractiveness, personality, and personal achievement.


Joanne Giannini hosted the event. Guests voted for their favorite finalist to win a $100 gift certificate from The judges had a tough time choosing the most eligible bachelor and bachelorette to win $1000 worth of prizes. Prizes were sponsored by platinum sponsor, Skin Confident, LLC, a cosmetic rejuvenation service based out of Duxbury. Gold sponsors; Body Solutions, a personal service training program in Holbrook, and J. Allen Matchmaking.

Jessica Dolgin was voted Fan Favorite 2011.

Will Smith took the title of Boston's Most Eligible Bachelorette 2011

Diane Deng was named Boston's Most Eligible Bachelorette 2011

Valentine's Day Pub Crawl 2011

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Saturday, February 12, 2011 was Crawl In Boston's annual Valentine's Day pub crawl.  The pub crawl benefited Julie's Family Charity.  According to Crawl In Boston's Facebook page,

Julie’s is a community-based family support and education program that is committed to the development of strong, healthy family functioning.

Julie’s breaks the cycle of poverty among low-income, at-risk families by providing services that enable mothers and their children to become healthy, responsible, successful at life, and economically self-sufficient members of their communities.

This event, as usual, attracted hundreds of singles and some couples. With three bars per hour, pubcrawlers stayed warm with drink specials and hot complimentary appetizers.

The crawl started at 2pm and the schedule and the specials were as followed:

2:00 - 3:30

Bar A – West End Johnnie’s

$3 Gannsett

Complimentary Wings and Spring Rolls

Bar B – The Harp

$3 Valentine’s Punch and Labatt Drafts

Complimentary assorted hot appetizers (either pizzas or quesadillas)

Bar C - The Greatest Bar

3$ PBR 16 Oz. - 3$ Gansetts - $5 Captain Morgan Drinks

Complimentary Pizzas

3:30 – 5:00

Bar A – The Point

$3 “The February 13th Breakup” American Honey Whiskey & Coke

Complimentary Appetizer Platters

Bar B – Paddy O’s

$2 Miller Light Drafts

Complimentary Appetizer Platters

Bar C – Hennessy’s

$3 Bud Light drafts and Shipyard bottles

Complimentary Appetizer Platters

5:00 – 6:00

Bar A - Red Sky

$3 The Heartbreaker - Strawberry vodka..soda..sprite and cranberry

Complimentary Appetizers

Bar B – The Hard Rock Cafe

$3 Sam Adams drafts

Complimentary Chips & Dip

Bar C -Ned Devine's

$3 16oz PBR and Narraganset

Assorted Hot Appetizers

6:00 - 7:00

Bar A – The Place

$3 “Cupids Punch”

Complimentary Appetizer Platters

Bar B - Battery Park

$3 "Veev Card" - VeeV Acai Liquor, Sour & Cran.

Complimentary Appetizers

Bar C – JA Stats

$3 Red Crush Cocktail

Complimentary Appetizers

7:00 - 8:00

Bar A - Sanctuary

$3 Cupids Punch

Bar B - Hong Kong

We know you'll all get Scorpion Bowls but they have Coors Light ($1.75) as well

$5 Captain Morgan drinks

Bar C - Trinity

$3 Miller High Life

8:00 - Bonus Overflow Bar

Jose McIntyre's

Boston's Most Eligible

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We are still accepting submission for the Most Eligible Contest. 

Each winner will take home $1000 worth of prizes.

Please fill out this

form to enter. To read the rules of the contest, please click here.






Merry Elfing Holiday Party pictures

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The pictures from the Merry Elfing Holiday Party are now online.  Please view them here.  Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.  We'll see you at next year's holiday party.



Joanne thanks you

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Thanks to all who attended the Merry Elfing Holiday Party last night.


Joanne Giannini, who organized this great event, thanks you. 


She states, "We raised $640.00 for the Jennifer Tarr Memorial Fund and had a great time! The winner of the $200.00 gift certificate was Victor Araujo, the best elf attire was Rochelle Patten, biggest donation was Robyn Ward, most helpful elf was Shiela Tarr Lally, and elf who traveled the greatest distance was Kelly Tarr. See you all next year."


Pictures coming soon...

Merry Elfing Holiday Party

Posted on November 29, 2010 at 5:53 PM Comments comments (0)

Picture from last year's Merry Elfing Holiday Party

It's time once again for our Annual Merry Elfing Holiday Party! Hang out with all your friends, eat free food, and help some kids all at the same time…now that’s what I call a holiday party! Plenty of prizes for best elf attire, most helpful elf, etc.

Dress: Appropriate Elf and/or Holiday Attire

Bring: You and all your friends!

Charity: Jennifer Tarr Memorial Fund - Jennifer died at the age of 32 after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. This fund will help provide for her two surviving young children. A voluntary donation of $10.00/person is suggested, but please feel free to give whatever you feel is appropriate.

When: Friday, December 17 at 7:00pm


Clash of the Ash

1464 Hancock Street

Quincy, MA

Order tickets via Eventbrite

Questions: Contact Joanne Giannini at 339-206-5184 (cell) or [email protected] (email)




Win over $1000 in prizes

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The Massachusetts' Singles Magazine (MSM) is looking for the most eligible guy and gal in Boston.

To find the top bachelor and bachelorette, we are launching MSM's Most Eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette of Boston Annual Contest.

Whether you live in Boston or outside of Boston, if you're single, you're eligible to become Boston's Most eligible. 

You can nominate yourself or you can nominate your single friend, sister, brother, co-worker, local politician, coach, professor, boss, neighbor, local bartender, personal trainer.

For more information, go to the contest page.


Meet your match event on October 20

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The first Meet Your Match event was held on October 20, 2010.   I've added some photos online, more to come.  Joanne and Erica hosted the BARHOPPERS show that night as well.  The video for the show should online shortly.

Millionaire Matchmaker by Joanne Giannini

Posted on October 15, 2010 at 3:08 PM Comments comments (3)


So I was flying back from a vacation in Florida with my friends Robyn and Carla, when Carla rips a page out of the airline magazine and hands it to me.  “Here,” she says, “you need to call this place.”  She had given me a one-page ad to a very exclusive matchmaking service “for the most eligible and commitment-minded bachelors.”  I looked it over and my very first instinct was that it was a service created solely to match up older rich men with attractive younger gold diggers.  I folded it up and put it in my bag and told her I would look into it, quietly thinking she would just forget about it in an hour. 


I went home and continued to date one guy after another with various “issues,” including substance abuse, emotional and/or financial instability, uncontrolled ADD, and/or employment as a lawyer, which is pretty self explanatory.  The continuous pattern of eager anticipation turned to utter disappointment started to really get to me and I wondered if I will ever meet someone decent. 


As I laid on my couch enveloped in self pity switching through the TV channels, I stumbled across the “Millionaire Matchmaker.”  She was attempting to fix up millionaire Anthony Cools, a famous hypnotist with a regular show on the Las Vegas strip, with a suitable mate.  Now here’s the thing – I think he’s good looking and that hanging out with him would be a ball.  Hmmm!  I started to wonder how I could get on the show when I remembered that old ad I had laying around in my office.  Could this be the way to go? 


At the same time, Carla was up my butt to call the place, not to mention my friend Dawn emailed me the link to another similar agency.  So figuring I had nothing to lose and a few friends to shut up, I sent in my information to the two agencies.  I heard nothing for months and then they both called me for interviews the same week. 


First I met Dee from agency number 1 at the Taj Hotel in Boston.  She’s a little Barbie doll of a woman, with big blonde hair and even bigger boobs.  We got a table in the café and she asked me about what I was looking for in a man, my likes/dislikes, etc.  She then told me she had a client that she thought I should meet and explained how the service worked. 


The females are called “affiliates” and never get to see a picture or even know much detail upfront about the male client in order to protect their privacy.  What the agencies do is assemble a portfolio of potential mates for their clients, complete with detailed written backgrounds, information learned firsthand from the affiliate interview, and numerous pictures.  The agency presents the portfolio to the client and they pick who they would like to meet.  The agency then makes all the arrangements and does the debriefing after the date so there is no potential awkwardness.  The affiliates pay nothing to be part of the network and the male clients pay thousands.  Yes, that’s right, thousands! 


Next she told me her client’s age – 56!  I responded that I thought that was a bit too old, knowing that I typically think that guys my own age are even too old for me, and asked her if she had any clients closer to my age.  She tells me all the guys my age are looking for women in their early 30’s (yikes!).  She also tells me Burt is extremely active, loves to travel, and is very youthful for his age.  So I gave her the heads up to set it up with Burt.  What’s the worse that can happen after all? 


Next, I met Ashley from agency number 2, who is also a complete Barbie doll.  She gave me the run down about how her agency worked, which was basically identical to agency number 1’s description.  She also interviewed me about my background and tells me she wants to fix me up with an Italian guy who is 50.  I gave her the heads up too.


After the interviews, I didn’t hear anything from either agency and assumed the guys had chosen other women.  After about six weeks, Dee gives me a call.  It seems Burt was traveling around Europe and had just gotten back recently.  He saw my information and was very interested in meeting me.  Dee makes a reservation for us to have lunch at the Boston Harbor Hotel on a sunny Sunday afternoon. 


Now remember, I have absolutely no idea what this guy looks like, other than Dee telling me he looked a bit like Mark Harmon from CSI.  So here I am, all dolled up looking around for this sophisticated Mark Harmon type.  I finally ask the restaurant host if there was a man named Burt waiting to meet someone.  “Yes,” says the gorgeous young man, “come right this way.”  I walked outside wondering where Mark Harmon was sitting.  The host walked me over to a table where a middle-aged accountant-type guy is sitting.  One look at Burt and I knew this was not going to work. 


Now it’s not that Burt was bad looking or that he wasn’t a nice guy.  What he was, though, was much too old for me.  I sat down and he had a bottle of champagne brought over.  The man really is charming in many ways, but still, there is absolutely no way I could ever kiss this guy.  So we sat there drinking the champagne and had a lovely lunch.  We talked about travel, work, etc.  Burt seemed very content to just sit there and talk.  In fact, after four hours Burt is still talking away and I can’t figure out a polite way to get out of there.  Thankfully, it started to sprinkle a bit, and since the place was outside, I had the perfect escape excuse.  So I went to say goodbye and he said, “Let me walk you to your car.”  OH NO!  I explained that I did not park at the hotel, and in fact had parked over a mile away since it was a nice day and I wanted to get in a bit of a walk.  He tells me that’s not a problem at all.  HELP!


I’m walking with Burt, feeling like a jerk because I have absolutely no attraction to him.  We walked along the Harbor Walk all the way to my car in South Boston.  Burt then told me he has no idea how to get back to the hotel, so now I had to drive him there.  When we arrived, he went in for the kiss and I blurted out “come give me a big hug” and turned real fast so he got the cheek.  I left wondering how Dee could ever have thought I would be interested in Burt for a long-term relationship, but then I really is a service to fix up rich older men with younger more attractive women and Dee had obviously wrongly assumed I was a gold digger. 


I told her I thought Burt was great but that he was obviously at a different “phase” in his life.  She understood and told me she would keep me in her database for other potential clients.  But in the end, I guess I did meet a great guy – just not like Anthony Cools or any of the hot guys you see on the television show – and it was by far not worse than any of the numerous horrible dates I have been on over the years. 


So do I recommend this type of service?  Well I wouldn’t just use this service solely, but I think it is a potential option, particularly if you are indeed an attractive gold digger who wouldn’t mind meeting an older rich man.


What do you all think?  Have you ever successfully used this type of service?  Or would you consider it?